I’m Offended

You may be offended by the I Love Cock bracelet, and we would like to address those of you that are in order to help you better understand our objectives and goals.

First, please know that our primary objective is not to have you order any bracelets.  That is the truth.  Our main goal is to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer, encourage you to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (or other groups here), and to encourage others to create fund raising opportunities. If we help just one person donate, or one person get an early screening that saves their life, we will be extremely happy.

We do understand that some people may encounter social issues with the bracelet, such as parents and teachers, and we would like to give you some ideas on how to handle these situations.

I’m a Parent

If your son or daughter comes home with an I Love Cock bracelet we encourage you to use it as a teaching moment. First, if they received the bracelet from someone else, we highly suggest you have them donate a portion of their savings or allowance to the Prostate Cancer Foundation so they can learn about giving to an important charity. Next, discuss your family’s medical history so your child is informed about their future and the medical tests and decisions they may need to make. It’s never too early to educate your child about being responsible one’s own health and well-being.

If you are wondering if your child is sexually active because they are wearing a bracelet that you believe may have sexual innuendos, we encourage you to speak openly with your child about the subject. We certainly don’t believe that a bracelet will make a child want to have sex.  We do, as parents, believe it can be a conversation starter to discuss their sexuality, what is going on with their bodies, what kind of peer pressure issues may exist for them, and a whole range of issues depending upon their age.

Finally, we encourage you to set boundaries about wearing the bracelet with your child. If you believe it’s inappropriate to wear the bracelet to school, set a boundary, or use the opportunity to encourage your child to be a voice for Prostate Cancer Awarness by sharing facts with others, starting a fundraising bake sale, or volunteering at a local event.

I’m a Teacher

We understand teachers deal with a lot of distractions in school. It’s understandable that you don’t want to deal with another distraction in your class. Much like raising a child, if something isn’t harming them, often the easiest way to stop an unwanted behavior from continuing – is to ignore it. If you continue teaching, chances are, students in your class won’t even notice that someone is wearing the bracelet.

If a situation does arise, we again encourage you to use it as a teaching moment as well. Have the student wearing the bracelet give a presentation on the topic of Prostate Cancer.  Have the student create a small fundraising event such as a bake sale. Create days where students can wear bracelets with a message if they donate $1 to the cause that day.  Use your imagination!

When we encourage young adults to stand up for what they believe in, and care for others, everyone wins.

Our Bottom Line

When we created the I Love Cock bracelet, we did so knowing full-well how some people would feel, and we are okay with that. Our bottom line is that it’s time to stop pretending we should be ashamed of our bodies and forcing children to feel shame. We need to encourage kids, and adults alike, to know and be proud of their bodies so they will take care of them. Mentioning a body part or loving a body part should not be taboo, especially if it helps save your life or the life of a beloved family member.

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